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Who are EASYkleen?

The world leader in stainless steel weld cleaning technology.
EASYkleen offers a range of weld cleaning machines and associated products which have been designed with university collaboration to produce the most corrosion resistant finish possible.
Most impressive of all is that the weld cleaning products are the safest options available for both the user and the environment.
EASYkleen also have the most comprehensive brush electrode range including the largest brushes available in the market.
The weld cleaning machines use exclusively the process of electro-polishing which is the “gold standard” for finishing stainless steel. The weld cleaning machines have the ability to match any finish, from 2B right through to mirror.  That is our EASYkleen line.
With a third of the factory space dedicated to research & development, it is no wonder EASYkleen is continually on the cutting edge of the weld cleaning industry. EASYkleen has brought to market many innovations:  the first solution fed brush machine; the first machine with the ability to effectively clean MIG welds; the first optional electro-polishing bath add on and the first rigid brush electrode.

The EASYkleen TEC is the base model in the EASYkleen range.   
This economical unit is designed for light to medium use.
Lightweight and highly portable, the TEC is a great unit for the fabricator who mostly does light gauge (1-3mm) TIG work.
With a range of brushes to cover all types of weld geometry, and with 30amps of available DC output power, the TEC is a very cost effective unit whilst still providing the benefits of the electro-polishing process.



1 x Machine 
1 x EKT105 Brush 
1 x EKT106 Brush 
1 x EKT140 Brush 
1 x EKT110 Handle & Lead Set 
1 x EKT111 Power Lead 
1 x EKT112 Clamp & Lead Set 
1 x Manual



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