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The Gecko is a heavy duty European made portable fillet welding carriage designed to produce consistent high quality welds. It features a 4-wheel drive system with magnetic traction and a control loop feedback mechanism which provides speed stabilisation in all welding positions. Constant, continuous and repeatable travel speed enables weld bead geometry that is exact to the required specifications, thus substantially reducing costly over welding and decreasing filler metal usage.
  • Compact & lightweight design with durable aluminum housing
  • Permanent magnet clamping system with on/off lever ensures positive magnetic traction
  • Maintenance free 4-wheel drive with worm gear reduction
  • Quick clamping torch holder mechanism for different types of MIG/MAG torches with diameters of 16-22mm (5/8"-7/8")
  • Precise torch adjustment with screw drive cross slide
  • Multifunctional LED display - presetting of travel speed, metric & imperial units, error codes information
  • Closed loop speed control system stabilises travel speed to reduce weld defects and costly rework
  • Consistent heat input reduces distortion
  • Automatic ARC ON/OFF system initiates welding with travel, simultaneously
  • Self-guiding roller arms eliminate the need for track
  • Improves working environment - removes operator from heat and fumes

Package Includes

  • Welding carriage
  • Power lead
  • Arc ignition cable
  • Torch holder
  • 4mm Allen key
  • Operator’s manual


Power supply: 115-230VAC / 50-60Hz
Welding positions: Vertical / Horizontal
Chassis to material clearance: 4mm
Travel mechanism: Friction Drive With Worm Gear Reduction, 4 Wheel Drive, Heat Resistant Silicone Wheels
Tracking method: 2-Guide Rollers
Torch adjustment: Up-Down 35mm, Left-Right 35mm
Gear roller adjustment: 100mm
Horizontal speed: 0-1100mm/min
Vertical speed: 0-1000mm/min
Dimensions: 240mm (L) x 258mm (W) x 253mm (H)
Weight: 8kg


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